MinnEVolves is a public/private partnership aimed at recognizing leaders in the transition to clean transportation in the state of Minnesota. MinnEVolves supports companies in achieving their ZEV aspirations by providing information resources, sharing relevant experiences and, when appropriate, mentoring others. Initial support for MinnEVolves has come from the Olseth Family Foundation.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Installing electric vehicle charging at facilities that can be used by fleets, employees, and/or customers & community (if appropriate).

Fleets and Supply Chain

Using ZEVs for fleets (either own/lease). Promoting the use of ZEVs throughout the vendor supply chain, including those vehicles used on campuses via service contracts.

Employee ZEV Promotion & Adoption

Supporting ZEV use among employees by providing vehicle charging, supporting purchase/lease incentives, and sponsoring at least an annual ZEV information day for employees and/or community via a ZEV test drive type event.

Customer/Community ZEV Promotion & Adoption

Supporting ZEV use among customers, community, and facility visitors through support for charging and participation in ongoing statewide ZEV awareness campaigns such as electric vehicle test drive events.

MinnEVolves is managed by Recharge America, a 501(c)3 non-profit whose goal is to promote local economic development by advancing community sustainability initiatives.


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“Any inclusion of third-party logos, images or references on the MinnEVolves website does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the state of Minnesota or its agencies or staff.  Their inclusion is simply to provide users with relevant information and resources. Any documents that are submitted to MinnEVolves will be maintained by Recharge America for tracking purposes.”